Celtic Technologies, Inc. Corporate Qualifications


Information Technology

Telecommunications Installation and Support

Computer Systems Design

Programming - Oracle, SharePoint, MS-SQL,


Computer Facilities Management  

Computer Training

Computer Repair

Database Management

CAD/CAM Services

Seat Management

Configuration Management

Help Desk Services -Tier I,II,III

Data Processing Services

Network Design and Support - LAN/WAN

Web Design and Management

Application Development and Support

System Security Support

Internet/Intranet Development

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Sys Support

Total Life-Cycle Systems Management (TLCSM)

Data Quality Services



Logistics and Facility Support Services

Logistics Management Consulting

Enterprise Inventory of Equipment and Supplies

Logistics Program & Project Management

Acquisition Management

Business Process Re-engineering/Improvement (BPR)

Total Life-Cycle Systems Management (TLCSM)

Supply Chain Management

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Sys Support

Facilities Management

Business Process Engineering

Logistics Services/Warehouse Management

Government Property Management

Government Contract Management Services

Government Financial Management and Accounting

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Sys Support

Architect Review Services - Logistics



Medical Services

Clinical and Central Appointment Desk Support

Biomedical Repair and Management

HIPAA Compliance Support Services

Industrial Hygiene Survey and Analysis

Management Consulting Services

Population Health Management

Medical Administration & Technical support

Clinical and Central Appointment Desk Support

Organizational Development Practitioner Services

Business Process Engineering

Medical Administration & Technical support



Administrative Services

Organizational Development Practitioner Services

Government Contract Management Services

Government Financial Management and Accounting

Records Management

Document Management


Medical Administration & Technical support




·         Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED)

·         Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs (OASD/HA)

·         TRICARE Management Activity

·         Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Bethesda- Medical Home Program

·         Navy Medicine Information Systems Support Activity (NAVMISSA)

·         Naval Medical Logistics Command (NMLC)

·         Naval Medicine Information Systems Support Activity (NAVMISSA), San Antonio, TX

·         National Naval Dental Center (NNDC), Bethesda, MD

·         CAPT James A. Lovell Federal Health Clinic, Great Lakes IL.

·         Philadelphia Naval Business Center (PNBC)

·         Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base (NASJB), Willow Grove, PA

·         Naval Healthcare Support Office (NHSO) Jacksonville, FL

·         Madigan Army Medical Center (MAMC)

·         Theater Army Medical Management Information System (TAMMIS) Program Management Office

·         USAF Mike O’Callaghan Federal Hospital

·         Tri-Service Medical Infrastructure Management Program Office (TIMPO)

·         National Park Service, Northeast Region

·         President, Inspection and Survey Board (INSURV)

·         Naval Facilities and Engineering Command (NAVFAC)

·         Naval Hospital Lemoore, California

·         Joint Medical Logistics Functional Development Group (JMLFDC)

·         Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS) Program Management Office (PMO)

·         Defense Occupational Environmental Health Readiness System(DOEHRS) Program      Management Office (PMO)

·         Naval Research Laboratory

·         NAF Andrews Air Force Base

·         Naval Station Anacostia

·         Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC)

·         Engineering Field Activity Chesapeake

·         Marine Corps Base Quantico

·         Program Management Support Services 2 (PMSS-2)

·         Medical Communications for Combat Casualty Care(PM MC4)






·                Pennsylvania





        Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS) – AIS

        Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS) – FM

        Defense Occupational Environmental Health Readiness System (DOEHRS)

        Industrial Hygiene Information Management System (IHIMS)


        Navy Medicine On-Line (NMO)

        Shipboard Automated Medical System (SAMS)

        Composite Health Care System (CHCS)

        Centralized Credentials and Quality Assurance System (CCQAS)

        Third Party Outpatient Collection System (TPOCS)

        Expense Assignment System III/IV (EAS III/IV)

        CHCS – WorkloadAssignment Module (CHCS-WAM)

        Standard Procurement System (SPS)

        Standard Personnel Management System II (SPMS II)

        Defense Medical Human Resource System - Internet (DMHRSi)

        Defense Property Accounting System (DPAS)

        Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS)

        Fast Data

        Claims Processing II (CPS II)




DUNS #:  071595495




NAICS Codes 2012

443120 - Computer and Software Stores                        
484110 - General Freight Trucking, Local                    
493110 - General Warehousing and Storage                    
493190 - Other Warehousing and Storage                    
511210 - Software Publishers                            
518210 - Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services                
519120 - Libraries and Archives                        
519190 - All Other Information Services                        
522320 - Financial Transactions Processing, Reserve, and Clearinghouse activities        
524292 - Third Party Administration of Insurance and Pension Funds            
524298 - All Other Insurance Related Activities                    
541219 - Other Accounting Services                        
541310 - Architectural Services                        
541340 - Drafting Services                            
541410 - Interior Design Services                        
541420 - Industrial Design Services                        
541430 - Graphic Design Services                        
541490 - Other Specialized Design Services                    
541511 - Custom Computer Programming Services                    
541512 - Computer Systems Design Services                    
541513 - Computer Facilities Management Services                
541519 - Other Computer Related Services                    
541611 - Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services    
541612 - Human Resources and Executive Search Consulting Services            
541613 - Marketing Consulting Services                        
541614 - Process, Physical Distribution, and Logistics Consulting Services        
541618 - Other Management Consulting Services                    
541620 - Environmental Consulting Services                    
541690 - Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services                
541720 - Research and Development in the Social Sciences and Humanities        
541910 - Marketing Research and Public Opinion Polling                
541990 - All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services            
561210 - Facilities Support Services                        
561320 - Temporary Help Services                        
561410 - Document Preparation Services                    
561421 - Telephone Answering Services                        
561422 - Telemarketing Bureaus                        
561431 - Private Mail Centers                            
561439 - Other Business Service Centers (including Copy Shops)            
561499 - All Other Business Support Services                    
561591 - Convention and Visitors Bureaus                    
561599 - All Other Travel Arrangement and Reservation Services            
561910 - Packaging and Labeling Services                    
561920 - Convention and Trade Show Organizers                    
611310 - Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools                
611420 - Computer Training                            
611430 - Professional and Management Development training                
611710 - Educational Support Services                        
624110 - Child and Youth Services                        
624120 - Services for the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities                
811211 - Consumer Electronics Repair and Maintenance                
811213 - Communication Equipment Repair and Maintenance                
811219 - Other Electronic and Precision Equipment Repair and Maintenance        
812191 - Diet and Weight Reducing Centers                    
812199 - Other Personal Care Services                        
813211 - Grantmaking Foundations                        
813212 - Voluntary Health Organizations                        
813219 - Other Grantmaking and Giving Services                    
813920 - Professional Organizations                        
813940 - Political Organizations                        
813990 - Other Similar Organizations (except Business, Professional, Labor, and Political Organizations)
921110 - Executive Offices                            
921120 - Legislative Bodies                            
921130 - Public Finance Activities                        
923110    Administration of Education Programs
923130    Administration of Human Resource Programs (except Education, Public Health, and Veterans' Affairs Programs)
923140    Administration of Veterans' Affairs
924110    Administration of Air and Water Resource and Solid Waste Management Programs
924120    Administration of Conservation Programs
925110    Administration of Housing Programs
926110    Administration of General Economic Programs

Celtic Technologies, Inc.
Corporate Qualifications Summary

Some of the specific services that Celtic Technologies provides are as follows:

Knowledge Management Support Services

Celtic Technologies personnel provide extensive knowledge management and administrative support for The Army Medical Program Executive Officer (PEO) Enterprise Information System (EIS).  They provide infrastructure and information management systems enabling the U.S. Army to achieve victory through total information dominance.  PEO EIS develops, acquires, and deploys tactical and non-tactical information technology systems and communications.  The Product Manager (PM) for Medical Communications for Combat Casualty Care (MC4) is the Army’s single Information Management/Information Technology System for automation and digitization efforts for deployable medical forces.  The MC4 program provides fully integrated medical products and information/communications solutions to effectively and seamlessly link, vertically and horizontally, all echelons of deployable medical care.  The MC4 system provides visibility of deployed medical forces and casualties, as well as, an accurate and timely means for documenting healthcare from the point of care to a centralized database and making deployed medical information available worldwide.  The mission of PM MC4 is to fully enable Army tactical units to sustain the system themselves, technically (system) and functionally (training).

Celtic Technologies personnel provide the Army Medical Program Management Office (PMO) Office Knowledge Management (KM) Support Services to include, developing, integrating, and maintaining electronic Knowledge Management Enterprise (KME) standards, template Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) document control for all MC4 PMO.  They also provide operational support for content management requirements and provide support for the information architecture structure and act as the MC4 content librarian.  This includes functional coordination for all KM activities to include document cataloguing, library planning and control, operational standards, standard operating procedure (SOP) development, QA/QC and process development.  

In the area of  PMO Strategic Communications Support Services, our employees perform collateral development which involves designing and developing print materials such as brochures, fact sheets, and information kits to provide MC4 personnel the means to deliver organized and professionally-packaged MC4 information to key stakeholders. 

We also perform brand management/graphic design where we manage and maintain the MC4 program’s brand identity.  This effort includes, but is not limited to, policing use and distribution of the MC4 brand, designing and integrating brand elements throughout external and internal products and communications, and evolving the brand to support MC4’s current and future strategic initiatives.

We provide program control for PMO reachback which involves providing support in implementing services such as programmatic planning, requirements gathering, audit and quality assurance oversight, human resource management, financial and cost management, change management, procurement and task order management, risk mitigation, decision support, earned value management (EVM), business modeling, project risk management (risk identification, assessment, and control); strategic assessment of risk management programs and variance analysis.   We also provide support to specific types of programs, such as CMMI, PMI, and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).
Our personnel provide PMO office management analysis support where we provide a broad array of management analysis consistent with DoD Acquisition and Lean Six Sigma requirements.    We also provide Analytical services which includes development and analysis of all types of Lean Six Sigma (LSS) document packages for internal and external release carrying out a wide array of LSS project work supporting corporate initiatives, work flow improvements, and business process management.   

Medical Center Research Manager Services:

 Celtic Technologies provided services in support of academic research for the Professional Education Directorate, Clinical Investigation Department, at Walter Reed National Military  Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland (WRNMMC).  We facilitated and advised WRMMC on oversight and direction for all departmental research activities, and ensured appropriate tracking of all research activities, being aware of where each research proposal stands with regard to formulation, submission, approval, implementation and completion.  Ensured that each proposal is in full compliance with all human research protection program requirements.  Served as an associate investigator on research proposals as appropriate.  

Our personnel were responsible to include the development, support, and evaluation of applications, tools, processes, and structures that promote a robust clinical and basic research environment. We ensured that research is objectively and systematically monitored,  we evaluated the research, ensured it is knowledgeable with applicable regulatory requirements for conducting human and animal research within Department of the Navy.
We also provided project management and senior research support services to Internal Medicine at the WRNNMC, Bethesda, MD, Medical Home Project.

Computer Assisted Design (CAD) Support:

Celtic personnel provided CAD support for the Facilities Management Module of DMLSS for over 13 Naval Medical activities within the United States.  Our employees converted and updated medical facility blueprints that are unreadable into digital computer assisted drawings. This allowed facilities to have ready access to vital data for space allocation and utilization, therefore increasing the efficiency and use of an activity's costly resources (building space). They coordinated with the hospital biomedical personnel to ensure proper identification and placement of equipment are correct and up to date. 
Our company oversaw and directed a comprehensive DMLSS-FM and VFA.facility sustainment program to support effective implementation and utilization of DMLSS-FM and VFA.facility systems at the BUMED Medical Treatment Facilities (MTFs). We provided a Project Manager (PM), who is managing, coordinating, training and directing the activities/tasks of the BUMED DMLSS-FM Sustainment and VFA.facility Program as defined in this document. The program consisted of the following full time personnel: 
a) Program Manager (PM) who oversee and manages the entire program. 
b) Analyst/Help Desk Technicians; 
c) Regional Database Sustainment Specialist (RDSS) who are overseeing the individual MTF DSS employees and providing on-site support and training to designated regions, MTFs and supporting activities; 
d) Database Sustainment Specialists (DSS)  supporting the
MTF and supporting activities. 
e) Computer Aided Design (CAD) Support Technicians
f) Facilities Management Technicians.

IT Program Planning and Coordination:

Our personnel provided administrative support  for Navy Medicine Deputy Chief for Information Management / Information Technology (IM/IT) / Command Information Officer (CIO) located at the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED), Falls Church, VA, which is Headquarters for the Navy Medicine worldwide enterprise.. The support services to be provided are as follows:

Project Management / Administrative Support
Privacy and Security policy and planning
IT Program Planning and Coordination
Workforce and Training
Information Integration
SharePoint Development

Our personnel provided support staff to ensure stability and continuity of the work force. We maintained an adequate work force for the uninterrupted performance of all tasks defined within this task order when the government facility is not closed for recognized holidays, inclement weather, or other unexpected reasons. In support of these objectives, We provided support of designated task areas, as directed by Booz Allen, and successful completion of all required deliverables. 

We provided total administrative support.  Our personnel provided administrative assistance (AA) support to the M6. We managed daily and long-term appointment schedules for the M6 and Deputy M6 (M6B). We performed liaison duties, as required, with other DoD, federal government departments and other agencies to coordinate meetings, briefings, and conferences.

We provided information management / information technology program planning and coordination support. We provided support to the M6’s IT Program, Policy and Planning division to ensure the M6's program compliance, IT plans and policies, capability planning and management, and business process operations. This task requireed the our personnel to provide support for

1) IT Plans and Policies,

2) Capability Planning and Management,

3) Program Compliance, and

4) Business Process and Operations. In support of this task, as directed by Booz Allen:

Our personnel assisted with assessing and monitoring Navy Medicine IT program’s compliance with DOD, TMA/MHS, and DON standards and guidelines.
We readily identified and recommended options for filling gaps in architecture, policy, and guidance for Navy Medicine programs. We also supported the development of policy and plans to accommodate validated capability needs.

Our employees supported the establishment of Navy Medicine Enterprise Architecture (EA) and supporting policies which guide all IT investments.
We  provided support for the design of new architecture development methodologies, processes, and policies. We incorporated/implemented published MHS EA standards into the development work processes.

We advocated, assessed, and communicated Navy Medicine capabilities in the Lifecycle Management (LCM) of Navy and joint IT programs.
We provided support to establish and implement program processes & procedures for program execution.
Our individuals supported coordination activities internal and external of the BUMED M6 office to facilitate successful execution of the IT program planning division.
We provided support to track and report status of assigned systems to the BUMED M6 staff and other designated POCs, either within or outside of Navy Medicine, and we draft, update and review project charters and other associated documentation (e.g. Project Management Plans).
We also supported the development and review of project schedules and project deliverables relating to the deployment of the IT systems to Navy Medicine.
The subcontractor supported the coordination and communication between the MHS, BUMED M6 and staff, NMSC, NAVMISSA, BUMED staff, RISOs, and any other Navy Medicine asset for the deployment of the IT system, and provide assistance to coordinate Navy Medicine support with operational medicine (Fleet and USMC organizations) and Hospital Ships (T-AHs).
Our personnel record minutes for attended meetings. In the area of capability planning and management support, we monitored and assisted in assessing the development of specific capabilities through an analytical framework starting with mission objectives and measures of strategic and operational success and ending with an assessment of options.
We closely monitored and assisted in assessing the execution of approved programs and systems.

In the area of program compliance support, we provided support for monitoring program execution and conformance to DOD, DON, and MHS standards. We supported the assessment of process and policy compliance for Navy Medicine and MHS programs.
We provided business process and operations support. We facilitated and coordinate process improvement and business process reengineering efforts, both within Navy Medicine and across services and agencies, for existing or emerging business processes.

Our personnel provided support in the assessment of Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership and Education, Personnel and Facilities (DOTMLPF) and dimensions of capabilities.

RFID Inventory of Facility Equipment:

Celtic Technologies provided the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED) subcontractor support for a component survey for critical Real Property Installed Equipment (RPIE) which supported a facility’s infrastructure at the CAPT James A. Lovell Federal Health Clinic, Great Lakes IL.  RPIE can be defined as accessory equipment, apparatus, and fixtures which aid in the function of real property and are permanently attached to, integrated into, built in or on Government-owned or leased property. We used Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID) is a data collection technology that uses electronic labels for storing data. The label, which is an "electronic label," "transponder" or "code plate," made up of an RFID chip attached to an antenna. Transmitting in the kilohertz, megahertz and gigahertz ranges, labels and may be batterypoweredor derive their power from the RF waves coming from the exciter. The OMNI-ID Dura  600 or similar device is a small form factor RFID label, with extreme impact resistance, and superior on-metal performance. We provided services to conduct and validate  a comprehensive equipment inventory and populate a data spreadsheet and install RFID data labels on the equipment.

Logistics Warehouse Management:

Celtic Technologies personnel managed the total warehouse and property management functions of the Naval Medical Information Management Center, Bethesda.  Our personnel coordinated all shipments and receipt of equipment and supplies for all departments within the Command. This also included coordinating the annual inventory of Government owned equipment, collecting and consolidating data, comparing information against current inventory information, annotating changes, discrepancies, updates and revisions necessary to meet guidelines and standards for property management and reporting requirements.  Furthermore, our employees fully managed the requisition tracking effort and provide status of all requisitions submitted for procurement and provided status data to all directorates.  Our personnel were fully skilled in managing all aspects of DPAS and DITMS for the command.

Medical Administrative Support:

Celtic Technologies personnel provided complete medical administrative support for the Commanding Officer and Executive officer, Naval Medical Information Management Center.  We fully maintain the command monthly newsletter and we worked with the Command Executive Steering Committee and other leadership groups to transition to using the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence.  We coordinated with the NMIMC leadership staff to actively promote efficient business operations and we assist  in the preparation and operation of command planning sessions and off-site meetings. 

Celtic employees provided total administrative support for  Madigan Army Medical Center (MAMC), Health and Dental Clinic located at North Fort Lewis, Washington. We coordinated Bio Medical Engineering support using the AMEDDPAS work order system and maintain all databases associated with the new construction project.

Bio Medical Engineering Support:

We provided biomedical engineering and database management support to include inspections and testing utilizing the AMEDDPAS work order system at Madigan Army Medical Center (MAMC), Tacoma, Washington.  Celtic Technologies personnel provided  full-scale administrative support for the Health Facility Project Officer and the Chief of Logistics Division (Transition Officer) for new construction of the Health and Dental Clinic, North Fort Lewis, WA.  Our personnel also provided input to the Chief, Population health Management, TRICARE Northwest, Office of the Lead Agent, MAMC. We continue to coordinate with BMETs with our DMLSS-FM CAD CAM personnel in locating high-cost medical equipment and updating the hospital drawings to meet national standards.


Program Management and Senior Management Analyst Support:

Celtic Technologies has provided comprehensive total Program Management and Senior Management Analyst support for the Defense Medical Logistics Systems Support – Automated Information System (DMLSS-AIS) on a world-wide basis.  BUMED is responsible for over 26 million square feet in medical and support facilities that have a plant replacement value of approximately $7.1B. This encompasses 4 Navy Medicine Regions, 39 medical activities with 182 Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs). Navy Medicine’s Facilities Management Program’s strategy is to provide a reliable inventory of facilities that meets specific codes and standards, maintains accreditation, and affords the best possible health care environment for active duty military, family members, and retired beneficiaries. This strategy allows Navy Medicine to properly sustain, restore, modernize, and replace facilities and systems throughout their useful lives. This includes the formal process of planning, programming, designing, constructing, commissioning, sustaining, restoring, modernizing, demolishing, and reusing to produce the most favorable return on capital and operating investments. 
The DMLSS Program, co-sponsored by the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Health Affairs) and the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Logistics), is a partnership involving the wholesale medical logistics, medical information management, medical information technology, and user communities. DMLSS' mission is to improve responsiveness of medical logistics support. The DMLSS Program accomplishes this by implementing business process innovations that increase the effectiveness of medical logistics support and reduce cost. 

The Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS) automated information system was developed and deployed to enhance health care delivery in peacetime and to promote wartime readiness and sustainability. DMLSS provides automation support of reengineered medical logistics business practices and delivers a comprehensive range of materiel, equipment, and facilities management information systems. 
The DMLSS AIS supports the functional areas of materiel (supplies and equipment) and facilities management. It provides key interfaces with Defense Logistics Agency wholesale medical logistics Defense Supply Center Philadelphia (DSCP) and DoD finance communities. It also supports requirements to provide aggregate medical logistics information to higher authorities for the purpose of command and control and asset visibility, by way of subordinate systems to authoritative sources within the Global Support System (GCSS) Family of Systems (FoS). 

The Facility Management (FM) module provides a powerful management tool for standardizing facility management programs throughout the DoD healthcare industry. The FM Module provides comprehensive automated management capabilities ranging from scheduled maintenance and project tracking to regulatory compliance and space management. It also incorporates computer aided drawing capability and integrates digital blueprints and floor plans into the application and Interoperability (IO) between DMLSS-FM and the NAVFAC FM AIS MAXIMO. Provides a standardized CAFM application which ensures facilities (i.e. buildings and associated facility systems) are acquired, operated, repaired, maintained, altered, and cleaned in a manner which provides the optimum productive environment for health care operations. Provides improved resource management of new and existing health care and support facilities. Enhances military treatment facility (MTF) managers’ ability to track and manage facility assets from individual rooms and Real Property Installed Equipment (RPIE) items to entire buildings and facility systems. DMLSS FM provides the Facility Manager with funds management capability for budgeting, tracking, and scheduling and un-scheduling
Celtic Technologies is furnishing all management, labor, supervision, management support, local transportation, equipment and materials (except as specified as government furnished) to provide DMLSS-FM Sustainment and VFA. Facility services as described herein, and supplemented or modified by subsequent task orders. 

Program Management: 
Our company directed a comprehensive DMLSS-FM and VFA.facility sustainment program to support effective implementation and utilization of DMLSS-FM and VFA.facility systems at the BUMED MTFs identified in Technical Exhibit 4. 
We are providing a Project Manager (PM), who is managing, coordinating, training and directing the activities/tasks of the BUMED DMLSS-FM Sustainment and VFA.facility Program as defined in this document. The program consists of the following full time personnel: 
a) One Program Manager (PM) who oversee and manages the entire program. 
b) Two Analyst/Help Desk Technician; 
c) Four Regional Database Sustainment Specialist (RDSS) who are overseeing the individual MTF DSS employees and providing on-site support and training to designated regions, MTFs and supporting activities; 
d) Database Sustainment Specialists (DSS) identified in Technical Exhibit 4 and supporting the
identified MTF and supporting activities. 
e) Two Computer Aided Design (CAD) Support Technicians; and

Prepare Program Management Plan
The PM prepares and maintains a Project Management Plan (PMP) throughout the task order period of performance. The PMP is being used as a foundation for technical, resource, and management planning. Within the PMP, Celtic Technologies shall identify schedule, tasks, and Prices for all phases of the task order. 
Our company is the focal point for all issues in this program and is keeping the Government fully informed of key milestones and issues that directly relate to the scope of this task order both verbally and in writing. We conduct task order management to include major and periodic status reviews as part of project management. Celtic shall deliver an initial PMP within fifteen (15) work days after project award. At a minimum the PMP shall include: 
DMLSS-FM and VFA.faciliy Training
The PM develops a comprehensive DMLSS-FM training program which includes on-site training, formal classroom training, and other training. The training consists of the following programs: 
• The PM plans, manages and teaches various levels of DMLSS-FM and VFA .facility at the BUMED Facilities Symposium on an annual basis or as requested by the COR. 
• In conjunction with the Regional Database Sustainment Specialists (see Task 2, Para 3.1.2) the PM develops and provides on-site training to MTFs scheduled for DMLSS-FM and VFA.facility transition assistance. The training is tailored to the specific site’s unique requirements. 
• In conjunction with the DSS Lead (see Task 3, Para 3.1.3), the PM develops and provides classroom training programs to ensure contractor Database Sustainment Specialists are fully trained and capable of performing their Database Sustainment Tasks. 
• The PM monitors and participates in BUMED FM discussion forums related to DMLSS-FM weekly. 

 The Analyst/Help Desk Technicians provides support for advanced DMLSS development initiatives proposed by Joint Medical Logistics representatives and unit level application users. The Technicians advocate and act on BUMED development priorities at the direction of the COR. 
The Technicians provide services to the Joint Medical Logistics Functional Development Center (JMLFDC) staff and participate in JMLFDC Facilities Management Team meetings. The Technicians provide development, testing, training, documentation and help desk support as defined by the JMLFDC Facilities Management Team Leader. The Technicians serve as the primary point of contact on all BUMED-specific system change requests. 
The technicians represent BUMED as the designated member of the DMLSS facility team in developing and testing functional requirements for subsequent DMLSS maintenance releases and interoperability with other AIS programs such as the NAVFAC-PWC Maximo application and the Facility Condition Assessment as required. The technicians have in-depth knowledge of all DMLSS Releases and application development guidance, documentation, requirements and specifications. The technicians as necessary are required to test application functionality as maintenance releases and program upgrades occur. Celtic Technologies will provide support for advanced DMLSS FM development and support

We are currently providing and have provided project management support for several Department of Defense - Health Affairs' systems entitled Composite Health Care System (CHCS) – Workload Assignment Module (WAM), Executive Information/Decision Support (EI/DS), Computerized Credentialing and Quality Assurance System (CCQAS), Third Party Outpatient Collection System (TPOCS), Composite Health Care System (CHCS) -Ambulatory Data Management (ADM) Standard Personnel Management System I/II ( SPMS I/II), Expense Accounting System IV (EAS IV), MEPRS, the Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS) Automated Information System (AIS) and the Defense Occupational Environmental Health Readiness System Industrial Hygiene and Hearing Conservation System (DOEHRS-IH/DOEHRS-HC).  These systems are managed at the Naval Medical Information Management Center (NMIMC), Bethesda, MD.  Also, we are providing Special Assistant support to the Commanding Officer, NMIMC for systems support and project management.    Providing management analysis, training and systems configuration support to ensure a smooth transition is achieved for the users going from EAS III to EAS IV.   

Business Process Re engineering:

Celtic Technologies personnel provided management support services for the above mentioned projects.  We are involved with re-engineering technical and functional processes for medical systems that support Medical Treatment Facilities (MTFs) within the Navy Medical Department.  We re-engineered the security portion of CCQAS to ensure C-2 trusted level of computer security was achieved by the contact programmers.  

HIPAA Compliance Specialist:

Our HIPAA personnel provided staff  awareness and Organizational Planning for the HIPAA program at NNMC Bethesda and its satellite clinics.6.1.1  The Compliance Specialist assisted the MTF Privacy Officer and the Privacy Officers of the clinics subordinate to the host Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) with directing all organizational activities related to the development, implementation, maintenance of and compliance with the MTF’s privacy program as required by HIPAA, state laws, and regulations of the Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Defense, and the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED).   Our personnel assisted the MTF Privacy Officer with ensuring that key staff and executive level personnel were aware of the basic and on-going issues related to HIPAA administrative simplification, and established the organization Privacy Implementation Team based on guidance from the MTF executive leadership, the Navy Surgeon General, and the TRICARE Management Activity (TMA) HIPAA Program Office. facilitating, and promoting activities to foster information privacy awareness within the MTF and related entities and serve as either a liaison to and /or a member of the MTF Medical Information Security Readiness Team (MISRT) or other HIPAA implementation groups. Our personnel also acted as a liaison to the MTF Information Systems Department relative to the protection of health information. 

Health Care Financial Management:

We provided full-scale financial management services for the Resource Management Division, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED), Washington, DC. This involved formulating health care financial principles, policies and procedures to identify, track and ensure the effective use of financial and manpower resources, and developing fiduciary processes  that are accurate and responsive to the Chief of Naval Operations, Secretary of the Navy, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Office of Management and Budget and Congressional requirements.  Celtic Technologies personnel also, provide full scale financial management support for the for three large integrated Department of Defense accounting and decision support systems entitled Expense Accounting System IV (EAS IV), the Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support. Automated Information System (DMLSS-AIS).  Celtic Technologies personnel conducted site surveys for EAS IV, DOEHRS and DMLSS-AIS.  Our DMLSS support personnel they balance Naval medical treatment facility's financial accounts, implement the new software and hardware and provide classroom and workstation user training on the operations of new financial computer systems to accounting personnel.  They also train health care executives on the proper use the systems to make critical and vital financial management decisions for their hospital.  

Celtic Technologies employees have also defined, coordinated and developed requirements to complete Total Health Care Support Readiness Requirements (THCSRR), Commercial Activities (A-76) studies and Health Care Optimization manpower staffing for the Naval Medical Department.  Both THCSRR and the Commercial Activities studies are integral to Navy Medicine's  Efficiency Review (ER) and Most Efficient Organization (MEO) process. 

Computer and LAN/WAN Support (Seat Management):

Celtic Technologies employees provided full-scale seat management support for the National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, MD and we have provided seat management and help desk support for the Naval Medical Logistics Command, Ft. Detrick, MD and Naval Hospital  Lemoore, CA.  We provide acquisition, receipt and installation of all computer and telecommunications software and hardware for all hospital users.  Additionally, our personnel ensure that proper access to the organizations’ LAN is properly maintained and instruct users at their workstation on any software/hardware changes to ensure there is no loss of productivity. Celtic Technologies personnel provided full-scale seat management support for the President, Inservice Inspection and Survey (IVSURV) Board, Norfolk, VA. Provided all telecommunications infrastructure and support both ashore and afloat activities throughout the continental United States.  We also provided Seat Management for 250 users at the President Inspection and Survey Board Also, provided seat management migrated the entire Navy Facilities and Engineering Command (NAVFAC) from Novell to TC/IP telecommunications protocol and Microsoft Mail.  This involved conversion of infrastructure and enhancements of computer systems at NAVFAC, Washington DC and 13 remote EFA activities throughout the Washington, DC area.  Our Staff also provides complete Help Desk and seat management support for Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support – Automated Information System (DMLSS-AIS) for both Army and Navy activities – Provide hardware, software and functional support.  We also manage the Help Desk for Defense Occupational Health Readiness System Industrial Hygiene and Hearing Conservation System (DOEHRS-IH/DOEHRS-HC) We provide hardware and software installation support for Navy and DoD users.

Clinical Support Services:

Celtic Technologies personnel were the key Navy management coordinator for  Computerized Credentialing and Quality Assurance System (CCQAS), We ensured that credentialing databases were properly built and that users were adequately trained on the use of the systems to manage their routine business practices.  We have also provided Risk Management and Utilization Management support at the National Naval Medical Center (NNMC) Bethesda, MD. Ensured that Utilization Management reviews are properly conducted and coordinated throughout the Medical Center.  Aggregated and analyzed clinical risk management information and identified problem areas that warranted further study.  Monitored JCAHO listings of frequently occurring sentinel events or Quality Assurance (QA) inquiries.  Appointed investigators and monitored the completion of QA inquiries and trained investigators concerning the proper QA process to be used.

Population Health Management – Department of the Air Force:

Celtic Technologies personnel provided population health management services for the Department of the Air Force, Mike O’Callaghan Federal Hospital (MOFH), Nellis AFB, NV.  Our employees coordinated population studies in the areas of prevention, managed care, readiness issues, health promotion, clinical preventative services, and other health services related issues.  They formulated Quarterly Medical Quality Report Cards for the MOPH Board of Directors and the MOFH Providers.  MOFH is tasked on the highest priority to be accountable to the United States Air Force Surgeon General to produce critical information on Active Duty health Status and TRICARE Prime enrollees.

Life Cycle Management Support for Medical Information Systems:

Our personnel provided Naval Medical Information Management Center (NMIMC) with medical systems documentation support, especially in the area of life cycle management documentation.  

Oracle Programming and Database Management.

Provided Oracle database management and re programming from Oracle Version 7.0 to a Web based version of Oracle entitled Version 8I.  This work is performed for the Tri-Service Infrastructure Management Program Office (TIMPO), Falls Church, Virginia.

Tivoli Total Asset Management Support.

Tivoli Programmers worked at TIMPO, Falls Church, VA, and maintained the entire software and hardware asset inventory for over 100,000 users located globally and under the direction of the Department of Defense - Health Affairs.

Large-Scale Computer Systems Installation of Hardware and Software:

Celtic Technologies employees provided full-scale set-up, installation and support of DMLSS-AIS at the Naval Medical Information Management Center (NMIMC), Bethesda, MD and at the Naval Medical Logistics Command, Ft. Detrick, MD.  Our personnel were continually deployed to Navy medical treatment facilities to install DMLSS-AIS hardware and software, balanced the respective facility’s financial and logistical accounts, provided hands-on training at the user’s workstations and provided help-desk support maintenance upon completion of the installation.  We also provided DMLSS installation support for the Theater Army Medical Management Information System (TAMMIS) Program Office, San Antonio, TX and implemented DMLSS Version 2.0 at all Army medical treatment facilities world-wide.

Computer Training:

Provided user training via help desk, classroom and on-site at the user's workstation.  Training on applications such as DOEHRS, DMLSS, Fast Data, and CHCS II.  Also trained users throughout the Department of Defense - Health Affairs community on a global basis on the operation of Oracle Version 8I and Tivoli.  The latest technological training tools are used, such as computer based training (CD-ROM), video teleconferencing, distance learning and teleconferencing.  

Database Administration:

Celtic Technologies personnel provided extensive database administration for the Navy Medicine On-line system.  Our personnel insure data is high quality and compatible with the central data repository.
Celtic Technologies personnel provided extensive database administration services for CHCS II at the Managed Care Department, Directorate of Health Care Operations and Analysis (DHO&A) , Naval Hospital, Great Lakes, Illinois. We manipulated existing data systems and to provided functional and technical training for integrated hospital information systems.  We assisted the Head, Managed Care and the DHO&A by providing timely and appropriate information and exportable training on legacy data systems.

We managed and coordinated the collection and display of data.  This involved developing guidelines to supplement established administrative and medical regulations.   We completed reports and made recommendations that assisted managers to make healthcare business decisions concerning the medical and administrative operations of the Naval Hospital Great Lakes and its Branch Clinics.  We also established data elements descriptions, standards and maintained a dictionary of data elements.  Furthermore we researched new elements and coordinated definition of elements and participated in evaluation of other potential vendor application software to consider the packages use of data repositories. We maintained strong communications with external consultants.

Independent Validation and Verification (IV&V):

Celtic Technologies' employees meticulously performed intense IV&V for the Standard Procurement System (SPS).  SPS Version 5.0, which is Web based, will completely automate procurement for all Department of Defense Activities.  Celtic Technologies personnel assess proposed configuration changes proposed by the Department of the Navy - Chief Information Officer (DON-CIO), and the Department of Defense Technical Review Board for SPS, and ensure they meet Navy Medical infrastructure requirements and constraints. 

Individual Case Management Program for Persons with Extraordinary Conditions (ICMP-PEC):

Our personnel provided managerial support services for the ICMP-PEC for the TRICARE Management Activity (TMA), Falls Church, VA.  Celtic Technologies employees possessed extensive knowledge of the TRICARE Program and the operations and functions of the Military Health System (MHS) on a global basis.   This allowed them to provide superb support for development, analysis, evaluation and coordination of policies, regulations and rulings pertaining to the MHS and specifically the TRICARE ICMP-PEC, and followed the National Defense Authorization Act, statutory policy and Managed Care Support contract-related requirements.

Contract Management Support Services:

Celtic Technologies personnel performed comprehensive contract administration support services for the Naval Medical Information Management Center Specifically, these services included: providing expert advice and assistance throughout the planning and implementation of new and ongoing acquisitions; assessing acquisition strategies and alternatives in-depth; assisting in developing evaluation plans; developing procedures and methodologies to conduct evaluations; evaluating proposals; determining negotiation strategies; accurately delineating Government and integrator responsibilities; and assisting in contract management.  

Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS):

Celtic Technologies’ personnel provided extensive support in establishing a Clinical Business Technology Support Office (CBTO) to support clinical informatics in the southeast region in prototyping applications that improve health and business practices across Navy Medicine.  Our employees assisted in the development of e-health/e-Business solutions that support Navy Medicine’s strategic plan for Force Health Protection, encompassing readiness, quality, access, interoperability, costs and customer expectations.  Specifically this included prototype development, data warehousing/data mining in support of e-Health/e-Business processes, DOD/VA information management and information technology initiatives, data quality support, population management, case management and disease management informatics support.  Additionally, our personnel provided project management in the development and implementation of the Clinical Decision Support System (Selected by DON eBusiness Office for Pilot Project funding) and assisted in coordinating Web based integration of to Easy-CHCS, MUMPS Data Extractor (MDE), Cache’, EsiObjects and TriCare Online. 

Enterprise Strategic IT Planning and Web Programming:

Celtic Technologies provided full scale/worldwide programming and sustainment support for the Naval Medical Department for a system entitled Navy Medicine On-Line (NMO). NMO supports the movement to the Navy's FORCEnet, located at web-site http://forcenet.navy.mil and Force Health Protection (FHP) goals for 2005.

NMO Portal is Navy Medicine’s (NAVMED) centralized online portal presence and a Mission Assurance Category (MAC) II, Sensitive system as defined in DoDI 8500.2, Information Assurance (IA). NMO serves a vital role in the overall process of collecting, analyzing, and brokering medical information to and from critical and authoritative data sources into a one common operational view for the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED), Navy and Marine Corps Operational Units and Claimancy 18 which is comprised of Navy Medical Treatment Facilities (MTFs) worldwide. Navy Medicine Online is unique in the Navy environment in that it processes and stores HIPPA/ePHI sensitive information that it brokers throughout the Claimancy for a variety of requirements.  The Portal operates on the BUMED/Naval Medical Information Management Center (NMIMC) Backbone Network.  This network is a collection of general-purpose, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and software components that aid in the enforcement of the Network Security Policy and interface with an external network to provide Non-classified Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPRNET) Connectivity. 

Celtic Technologies also provided total Web Page management and support for the Naval Medical Logistics Command, Ft. Detrick, MD.  This is a total production system used for internal access by Government employees as well as public access by commercial vendors and Government personnel for large and small procurements for the Naval Medial Department.

Celtic Technologies employees provided complete Web support for Naval Hospital Lemoore, CA. This was a total ground-up enterprise design, development, implementation and maintenance of Naval Hospital Lemoore’s interactive Web Page using HTML, VBScript, JavaScript, ASP, MS SQL 7.0, ADO, Front Page 2000 and implemented 508 compliance.  We assumed a failed system and made it a highly useful tool for all Directorates and satellite activities within the enterprise 

As mentioned above our personnel also provided Tivoli/Oracle Web programming and DBA for TIMPO and performed the following:

• Programmed and implemented an asset management system that is being used to manage telecommunications and computer hardware and software for over 700 activities within the Military Healthcare System
•Migrated Oracle Version 7.0 to Web enabled Version 8I
•Oracle Developer 2000 for rapid applications development
–Significantly reduces programming time
•Contract via ITSS, GSA Federal Technology Service, Southwest Region
•Designed, implemented and currently maintain Web Pages that push information to the customer and obtain feedback for quick resolution by the Directorate for Project Management, NMIMC
•Implemented 508 compliance
•Expanded a Web page to perform a global tasking
•Use HTML, Oracle, Front Page, Adobe, JavaScript, Front Page 2000 and Primavera Project Planner (P-3)
•Current Web Page:

Patient/Central Appointments Management:

Celtic Technologies personnel managed the entire Central Appointments Desk operation at Naval Hospital Lemoore in Lemoore, CA.  Additionally, we managed and scheduled patient appointments at the Mental Health Clinic, Pediatrics and Orthopedics at Naval Hospital Lemoore.  Our personnel were responsible for all aspects of working in the Central Appointments Division on a daily basis.  They handled all incoming calls for medical appointments and made the necessary patient referrals to respective clinics. Our personnel fully understand Naval Hospital Lemoore’s policies and procedures and extensively use the Composite Health Care System (CHCS) Appointment and Scheduling Module to productively manage patient appointments throughout the facility and its satellite clinics.
Program Budget Support:

Celtic Technologies employees assisted in the development of DoD Medical Programming Guidance. We reviewed and analyzed Program Budget Decisions; coordinated Assistant Secretary of Defense – Health Affairs ASD(HA) responses for Program Budget Decisions, Management Initiative Decisions and other documentation required during the Program Objective Memorandum/Budget Estimate Submission (POM/BES) cycle. We also assisted in the evaluation of POM/BES submission compared to Medical Programming Guidance during program review to develop alternatives for resolving issues of non compliance with the guidance.
We prepared the necessary materials for ASD(HA) participation in the Defense Resources Board and related committees and assisted in the development of periodic financial statements for the MHS. Assisted in the development of output driven resource allocation methods. We reviewed and responded to Congressional actions, legislation and initiatives impacting the resources for DoD health care programs and developed issue papers and related documentation in response to Office of Management and Budget inquiries or initiatives. Additionally, we organized, prepared and presented formal and informal briefings and presentations to various audiences within the Department that have varying degrees of knowledge about health resource issues. We also coordinated and participated in the VA/DoD Financial Management Working Group to enhance sharing and collaboration between DoD and the Veterans Health Administration.

Organizational Development:

For the Joint Task Force (JTF) CAPMED our personnel very successfully provided Organizational Development (OD) Practitioner Services for the  National Capital Area (NCA) Office of Integration Organizational Development as a result of the
Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) recommendations. These services were conducted within the National Capital Area, Military Health System and the Uniformed Services University..  Celtic Technologies personnel were assigned to multiple subcommittees and one (1) Military Treatment Facility (MTF) within the National Capital Area.   We performed a variety of Organizational Development (OD) Interventions to managers, work-groups, senior leaders and staff at all levels within of the Military Health System of the National Capital Area to include the Uniform Services University (USU).  
We conducted Organizational Development (OD) Interventions to include: strategic planning; annual planning; change management; diversity intervention; executive team development; executive coaching; conference planning with small group exercise design to achieve conference objectives; organizational assessment; mediation; conflict resolution; and whole-scale change to meet the mission of the Office of Integration. 
Provide basic Organizational Development (OD) training through lectures and practical approaches.  Our personnel are experts with Six Sigma Principles. We facilitated executive discussions and work-group meetings to contracted deliverables. We independently designed and participated in group design of OD approaches for delivery, facilitated the assigned OD intervention design and develop and evaluate OD strategies to enhance client’s performance and overall effectiveness.   We provided clients with techniques and tools to focus on strategic views, clear roadmap, timelines, accountability and performance standards.   

Clinical Data Quality Management:

Celtic Technologies personnel independently provided support services to abstract clinical quality data from medical records at the National Naval Medical Center (NNMC), Bethesda, MD, manage the flow of externally-collected clinical quality data, for the purposes of performance improvement and health care operations.
Our personnel conducted Medical Records abstraction from either electronic or paper records, to provide: near-real-time feedback to clinicians and clinical managers on the status of externally-collected measures such as JCAHO Oryx Indicators and AHRQ Patient Safety Indicators, and, primary data on specified quality measures not otherwise collected through external quality programs. We also performed preliminary trending, statistical control and other analyses on this data and make recommendations for areas of improvement.  Additionally, we maintained data currency on the NNMC Quality Dashboard and we cultivated and analyzed pertinent clinical performance data from the Population Health Navigator program.  Our personnel served as a member of the NNMC Clinical Performance Data Committee.

Senior Executive Services:

Celtic Technologies personnel provided services as Senior Healthcare Executive Practice Administrator/Deputy Chief for the Colon Health Initiative (CHI) in the Medical-Surgical Directorate, National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, MD.  The Senior Health Care Executive is responsible to the Chief, CHI for all activities that occur within the Colon Health Initiative’s daily operations over which the Deputy Chief has line authority.  Our personnel developed and implemented the operation of the CHI, ensuring comprehensive care is provided in a safe, efficient environment.  We maintained knowledge of Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) standards and our personnel fully understand the administrative fundamentals of Oncology care and research.

We provideed Senior Executive functions for the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer at the Naval Medical Logistics Command (NMLC), Ft. Detrick, MD.  We were directly  responsible for developing and coordinating NMLC’s Business, Annual and Strategic Plans; meeting with directors and key staff, establishing meeting schedules; developing agendas, identify tasks and goals.  We were also responsible for supporting NMLC’s Executive Steering Committee (ESC), establishing meeting schedules, developing agendas, tracking and following up on action items; produce meeting minutes; oversaw NMLC’s Executive Dashboard and ISO Process.  We were responsible for suggested command and Budget Submission Office (BSO) metrics development, metrics collection, metrics reporting and analysis.  We also functioned as a Health  Systems Analyst by providing technical advice, guidance, and assistance regarding all matters relating to the analysis and evaluation of all medical logistics data. We developed, managed, and controled various applications and ad hoc reports for data capture and data quality improvement and we designed methodologies for data extraction, analysis, presentation, and dissemination in support of NMLC